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Classes can now be taken either virtually from the comfort of your own home or in the studio 

What to expect at Susan Tee Fitness All classes are geared to go at your own pace, the weights range between 3-35 lbs. Classes are a mix of cardio, strength, agility, conditioning and core

Susan Tee Fitness offers a wide range of classes from HIIT, Burpee Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing Body Weight Express, Body Basics to Yoga, From Butts and Guts to Power Core Yoga! All you have to do is log on and find the class that works best for your 

Class schedule is as follows 

Monday 6:45am 6:15Pm

Tuesday 6:45am

Wednesday 6:45am 6Pm

Thursday  6:45am

Friday  5:45 am (30 min express)

Saturday 8:15am

Punch & Core: 

Punch & Core is our signature class, after a long week of work and workouts, this class focuses mainly on the core, combining moves to help strengthen the core and lower and to burn belly fat, no two classes are ever the same and this class is good for both men and women, weights are used in this class but not required

Butts & Guts 

Think Leg Day, we all work hard to make muscles grow and gain definition. We will work Quads, Hamstrings and the Glutes, Abs and back by incorporating squats, lunges. burpees and other movements to create a strong lower body.


Yo-Kick is a combination of kickboxing and Yoga, this class combines the dynamic cardio movements of kickboxing, with the stillness, stretching and strength of yoga. You will leave this class sweaty, physically stronger and more energized, this class is good for both men and women

Box & Bells: 

You can Burn up to 1000 calories in this class! this class includes all the fat burning moves to get you moving! This class includes Boxing on a heavy bag and swinging weights, jumping, hopping, and running in place to blast calories and feel the burn!this class is good for all levels of fitness for both men and women 

Power Core Yoga:

The best way to describe Power Core Yoga is to think Of a faster paced vinyasa yoga class with extra oomph focus on the core

Body Weight Express

No weights No Problem this 30 min body weight express class is sure to get you charged up and pumped! We will use your own body weight for strength training exercises, your body weight will create resistance against gravity.
You will gain strength, power, endurance, speed, coordination and balance.
this class is good for both men and women

HIIT Yoga 

This class is a spin on HIIT, and YogaClass begins with a warm-up think chattarungas, down dog, and upward facing dog, than this class gains some speed as we begin to tone the body and sculpt the arms, abs, legs and glutes.
class is geared to go at your own pace and is good for both men and women.
weights are required for this class but not nessasary

Power Vinyasa Yoga 

 Power Yoga is geared more toward strength and core training, holding poses for a few extra breathe, than speeding up the asanas for give the body a cardio jolt that's sure to kick your Asana in High Gear!

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Obstacle Course Racing

not to love about OCR racing! Its lik

being a kid again. These training sessions are 45-90 mins, training is incorporated indoors and outdoors, while the training is intense, I promise it will be tons of fun!

Training  is a mix of strength, cardio, agility, endurance which includes but is not limited to flipping tires, battle ropes, running, lifting weights, pull ups, burpees and so much more!

Running is a must in this course




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