The Changing Room W/Susan Tee Fitness
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Positive Professionalism

Surya Hot Flow with Susan

Amazing class, love the heat, love the instructor - sequencing was so good, it’s different and refreshing. The class packs a punch and we had a lot of fun and sweat in!



This Trainer is everything. She's knowledgeable, driven, compassionate and knows exactly when it's time to push! Susan will set a plan for your fitness, nutrition, and review your supplements. I worked with Susan at various points on my fitness journey. Most recently Susan got me up, and moving following my breast cancer journey and surgery. I needed someone smart, and also who possessed humor.Train with Susan for optimal results.

Ida. K


Positive: Professionalism

I have been working out with Susan for the past 3 years taking classes and personal training. Her dedication to her clients is what made it possible for me to get back to training 2 weeks post op of total knee replacement. Her motivation keeps me pushing even when I feel like giving up.**Liz**

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I've known Susan for a very long time and she is THE authority on boxing and very passionate about proper form and dieting. I highly recommend her boxing gym, it's great and I love this place. I also like the small class format as well..Steve Dempsy

Positive: Professionalism

I am pushed and motivated each and every class. The small class size is one of the best parts as she keeps focus on each individual student! I also see Susan for Personal Training. Her attention to your personal needs and goals is apparent each session. I can't say enough about her skills, knowledge & ability to kick your butt! As a result I have had weight loss, gained a ton of strength and confidence! ****Ann Marie*****

Positive: Quality

I have been training with Susan Turner for over ten years and highly recommend her. Susan is a dedicated professional who is genuinely concerned about the physical well-being of her clients and achieving their long-term health benefits. Throughout the years, Susan has catered my work outs according to my goal at the time. I started training with Susan prior to my wedding and she helped me lose 20 lbs! Next, Susan worked with me to build muscle to compete in OCRs. Once again, we switched gears as she helped prepare me for my first half marathon. With her training, I was able to complete all my fitness goals. After becoming a mom and finding it difficult to find time to work out, Susan constantly encouraged me to start with small steps as I slowly got myself back in the gym. She is constantly changing up the workouts to keep them fun and interesting while closely monitoring posture and form. When the pandemic started in March, she quickly started virtual training and kept me motivated to continue to exercise through it. I cannot say enough good things about her and her gym. She has created a unique space in which classmates form friendships and push each other to succeed with no judgments




Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Susan Tee fitness has done extraordinary work with me in such a short time. At first glance when you ook at Susan you think that she wouldn’t understand a beginners attitude towards yoga however her attitude and her understanding of when to push and when not to push speak volumes of the trainer that she is! The gains that I’ve achieved over the last two months have been remarkable! Thank you Susan T!! I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me!!

Hoboken Mike Turner



Updating review - September 
So glad to be back in the studio with Susan. She has added kickboxing with heavy bags and it is so much fun. Great workout and incredible release- it is fun to punch & kick things! haha. She cares about her clients and you feel like you are getting personal training even in a class setting. I look forward to the classes - Great workout and super fun - what else can you ask for??

Susan Tee is an incredible trainer. I have been going to Susan's classes for 8+ years. She keeps her workouts fun and never boring. She structures the classes for every level, from beginner to advanced. She knows where you are and encourages you to push yourself to the next level. She mixes up the classes every month and they get more advanced each week so you can build on what you have already accomplished. She is very motivating! Some trainers yell at you or make you feel stupid. Even when it is early morning and can't tell my left from my right, or I feel like a total spaz, Susan helps you laugh at yourself! There is no judgement in the class. We are come for our own reasons and the small groups are supportive and friendly. The space is small, but it works. It's you and your mat! I highly recommend her classes and personal training.

Kristen Martin