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Yoga for Runners/Athletes

Susan has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for over 10. She believes in the strong connection of mind, body, breath. 
Susan believes and knows yoga is for everyone, but every pose is not. Susan is a 300 RYT, she is certified in Power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga,  Surya 26+ and is a ISSA Certified Running Coach

Susan received her certifications through Yoga In the World with Anayra Caldron.

She also teaches Yoga for Runners & Athletes  which is a combination of motivating movements mixed with soft gentle asanas.


Yoga for Runners is a gentler flow of Yin Yoga with a gentle mix of  Yang Yoga for flexibility and mobility, soft movement, not power.

Susan is a runner herself; so she knows how beneficial yoga is to her program. She’s also a Running Coach and has trained herself and others for many 5ks, Half Marathons, Marathons and has recently  completed her first Ultramarathon, Yoga was a huge part of her training programs. 

Yoga helps to increase flexibility, mobility; core strength, which is a huge foundation building tool to help increase  pace time while safely increasing distance for longer runs.

Yoga helps to prevent injuries, slower flows of yoga like Yin help to relax the mind and body, intentional movement can also help send blood and oxygen to the muscles, which in turn aids recovery. Especially if you have tightness in the hips, hamstring, calves and lower back.

Incorporating this kinda of practice 2xs a week into your running program will make a huge difference not only physically, but mentally.

Yoga is a journey, just like life, we travel these roads, in search of the things that bring us joy, happiness and peace.  Sometimes that journey becomes intense, just like our workouts. When we slow down and observe, we see that the breath is the anchor to all things; both easy or hard. With kindness, compassion & strength all things are possible. Change Happens in a slow and steady way.

Susan's also offers Power Yoga classes which are a combination of  soft & motivating movements. She brings your awareness to the shifts, reminding you to slow down when you need to, pick up the pace when you have to.

Yoga brings awareness both physically and mentally, reminding us we can do all things 

One Breath, One Movement, One Moment at a Time

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Yin Yang Yoga for runners

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